Atelier Peraica

Finishing the long documentary movie "Mind the film!"

This long-running documentary material, digitized by Hungarian Film Labs in Budapest in 2011, is the result of a decade of collecting remarks and interviews on historical materials filmed after the conclusion of World War II but hidden by its author, photographer, and cameraman Antonio Peraica. The film depicts events that occurred prior to the final deliberation of territory in former Yugoslavia from Nazis, in the summer of 1945. This antifascist state was not yet socialist at the time, therefore there are members of the Catholic and Orthodox churches, members of pre-war political democratic organizations such as the Croatian Peasant Party, as well as Boslhewik collaborators. Other materials documenting these occurrences were lost in complete. The video explores the reasons behind hiding films and author’s life beneath the radar, as well as myths that explain why other films of this kind are so rare. The film features statements from the author's colleagues (Ante Bego, Andro Damjanić, and Mario Javorčić), the family (Milorad Ronkulin and Kolja Kuzmanić), the director of Yugoslav film archives (Stevan Jovičić), and the younger generation of theorists (Gal Kirn, Bojana Videkanić, and Davor Konjikušić), as well as Gabor Pinter, who restored the original material.

Directed by: Ana Peraica