Atelier Peraica

Phases of work

First encounter

(20-30 minutes)

The first is a brief interview we conduct at our first meeting in our historical atelier on Peristyle Square in Diocletian's palace. This is important so you can become acquainted wih the space and professionals who will be working with you, so that you are at ease for the next meeting. We will carefully consider your needs and propose our solutions. Following agreement, we will hire more services such as apprentices and cosmetics artists.

First virtual communication

(15-20 minutes)

Before our second meeting, your own light schema will be produced, as well as a rendered mage of a model to show you how to pose. In case it is important, you will also carefully select your outfits, which you can change or modify throughout the session (you will receive a brief instruction and advice), based on the aim of the shot.

Second meeting

(1 to 1.5 hours)

On the second meeting, we will aim for the time we set. It is critical that you feel good, that you are not thirsty or tired, and that you have not had a horrible day. Atelier would close for you half an hour sooner, giving you time to prepare both physically and mentally. You will have time to get dressed, check your hair and cosmetics, redress, and then we will shoot.

Second Virtual Communication

(15 minutes)

After we finish shooting, we will email you an index file with the few options photographs so you can choose which one you want processed and printed.

Third meeting

(15 minutes)

When we arrive to pick up your printed images, you will sign copyright agreements and, if applicable, an image release form. If you prefer digital files, both can be done by email.

The entire project takes you 2-3 hours, and we add one hour for light design, light settling on site, and image processing, totaling four hours. We don't skip steps. Unless it is a passport photo and CV photo for which studio is arranged in the morning, we do not take "just one quick shot."


There are two methods of payment: cash and a deposit into an account. You'd have to pay half the price beforehand and half the price afterwards. You can obtain the price list here.