Atelier Perajica


Atelier Perajica is today one of the oldest working photographic ateliers in Europe. It was founded back in 1934, in Split, Croatia by a photographer and filmmaker Antonio Perajica, inherited by his son Dražen Perajica and then daughter and granddaughter Ph.D Ana Peraica, a curator and art critic.

Production related connections and references of the Atelier go cross the whole Europe, reaching top world museums, galleries, as well as magazines specialised for photography, such as Eyemazing, Springerin, Afterimage, Pavilion, Photo Technique, Fotografija, Refoto itd...

Experience by yourself why leading Croatian photographers such as Zvonimira Atletić, Darka Alfirević, Matko Biljak, Andro Damjanic, Ivo Pervan, Rina Efendić, Ante Verzotti work with us!