Atelier Perajica


In 1949 the Atelier opened at a location near the Peristyle, in Villa Cassollini. In 1961 it moved to the very centre of the Roman Emperor Diocletian's palace called the Peristyle where it is situated since. From then on, the Peristyle and Atelier Perajica became synonyms for each other. Family Perajica, which gave three generations of professional photographers; Antonio, Drazen and Ana is also specific for the large investement in knowledge and education of the medium. Currently the atelier is run by the Ph.D. in photography with official status of free artist.

Antonio Perajica

Photographer and filmmaker (1915-1992)

Antonio Perajica became a photographic apprentice at the age of six. He worked for various ateliers (Borovich and Sinobad among others), founding his own atelier in 1934. However, in 1937 he moved to Cinecittr, Italy where he worked as a photographer on the movie set. He assisted on the movie sets at various locations like Paris, Entrevaux, Pompei… With the fall of Italy in 1943, he came to Dalmatia together with the Garibaldi brigades, starting his remarkable film diary (see Projects: Mind the Film). Antonio’s participation in the War was recorded even by Nazis who issued warnings that among partisans the most dangerous are the cameramen. Unfortunately, for some still unknown reasons, his work was censored. When the war finished, Antonio continued working for Foto R.V.I. together with a well-known graphic artist Vladimir Kirin. They worked on monographs of different towns. In 1949 he started working for himself; first at Villa Cassolini and then later at the private atelier-shop in the Grisogono Palace on the Peristyle Square, the very centre of the Roman Emperor’s palace. From that period on, he worked both, for himself and for a newspaper, as well as for the Croatian National Theatre which holds a large archive of his photographs. He produced reportages from locations like Cuba, Albania and many other "forbidden" places. Antonio retired in 1981 at the age of 70 having had one of the longest photographic careers. However, he never stopped shooting and retouching.


Drazen Perajica

photographer (1949-2008)

Drazen Perajica started working in the Atelier at an early age. He graduated in the field of photography and became a Master Photographer in the late sixties. Before taking over the Atelier, he was a member of the Lavcevic photo and documentation team. This team was gathering the best professionals for the purpose of recording enormous socialist investments in building and urbanization processes. In 1981 Dražen continued working in his Atelier.


Ana Peraica

(born in 1972)

Ana Peraica is an art historian, focused on media arts and visual culture. She has been awarded PhD for her work in photographic aesthetics. for more see Ana Peraica .