Atelier Perajica


We are specialised in restoration of old photographs, we offer as our own gallery products. Besides classic photographs of the city by Antonio Perajica, Dražen Perajica and Ana Peraica, there are also ones of our prestigeious photographers, such as Ante Verzotti.


We make high-style historical personal and family studio portraits with classic methods using up to six studio lights, both in our atelier and outside.


Our methods, presented at 4th Int. Conference in Preservation and Conservation Issues in Digital Printing and Photography at the Institute of Physics in London, are using old methods of rephotographing protecting originals far better then any other. Besides working on our own archive, we offer a variety profesional services of re-recording, reconstructing and retouching, conservation and digitalisation services, as well as printing services.

Exhibition productions

We run the whole production management, which includes,

- project brainstorming and writing project proposals,

- exhibition production (using top quality analogue equipment as Durst, Rodenstock, Leitz-Wetzlar, Zeiss, Epson as well as digital printing as Epson 9800), with the top quality archival materials,

- catalogue design,

- exhibition sattlement and lighting,

- press and reviews,

- promotion and contacts to art collectors and dealers.